xVideoServiceThief acts as a video online browser and downloader
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xVideoServiceThief acts as a video online browser and downloader. It also has the ability to convert selected movies into video formats supported by most players. What's great about this software tool is that it allows you to download files from an impressive number of video hosting websites.

The application is simple and user friendly. There are attributes that make the searching and downloading procedures easy to achieve. As an online video browser, the program comes with a built-in search engine - here you are supposed the enter keywords for the movie you are looking for, and select one of the web video services to search through. Once the results are displayed, you just copy to the clipboard the link location of the file you intend to save, enter this URL in the box provided, and enable the download process.

Fortunately, this utility allows you to download as many files as you want at once. If you consider it necessary, you can pause the processes at any moment - this way, your computer resources will be focused on performing other important tasks. Obviously, you can resume later on and finish the download. In addition, you have the ability to set schedules for starting and stopping the downloads at specific times, preferably between intervals when the computer is not excessively used.

The large number of supported sharing sites also includes websites with adult videos. For parental control reasons, xVideoServiceThief provides an option to disable access to adult web pages, as well as to any other sites you wish to block.

To sum up, this app is a convenient solution for downloading videos to your computer. If the downloaded files are not compatible with your video player, you can make use of the embedded video converter and save the results directly into formats supported by your system.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy-to-use app.
  • Provides access to a great number of web video services.
  • Supports multiple downloads at once.
  • Downloads scheduler


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